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Ragdale is moving towards one application deadline per year instead of three. 

May 15, 2014- Application deadline for all 2015 residencies.

The application for the May15, 2014 deadline is at

At Ragdale we believe that time and space are not luxuries but necessary elements for creating important new work. Ragdale provides these necessities to artists in the form of 18 - 25 day residencies. Add eleven other creative individuals to the mix, acres of idyllic prairie, a family-style dinner each night, and you have Ragdale.

Residency Experience
Ragdale artists come from all over the country and around the world to create, write, experiment, research, plan, compose, rejuvenate, brainstorm, and work. Residents' uninterrupted time at Ragdale is their own. In this community of unique individuals, Ragdale also offers the possibilities of dialogue and connections with other artists.

Located at the historic summer home of Arts and Crafts architect Howard Van Doren Shaw, Ragdale exists in a peaceful setting adjacent to over 50 acres of prairie. Residents reside in live/work spaces in the Ragdale House, Barnhouse and Friends' studios. Ragdale is located one mile from downtown Lake Forest, and just 30 miles (only one hour by train) from downtown Chicago.

Who Should Apply
Ragdale welcomes artists at all stages of their careers and seeks to create a mix of various experience levels in each group of residents. Through a competitive application process, Ragdale offers residencies to visual artists, writers, composers, and interdisciplinary artists. Those working in sound, performance, choreography, or combinations of disciplines are also encouraged to apply under the Interdisciplinary category. 

Read Residency Program Details for more information.