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"One of the unique features of Ragdale is its unbroken continuity as a center for art and creativity. It has been, without interruption, the home of artists. The Shaw family has included two architects, a painter, two poets, a sculptor, a cartoonist, and a weaver, and now the tradition is carried on by the writers and artists in residence at the Ragdale Foundation. Just as Harriet Monroe, founding editor of Poetry Magazine, Carl Sandburg, and other figures in the Chicago literary renaissance visited early in the century, so today important and promising writers and artists come for brief stays, to work, and sometimes to perform, and they, too, become part of the extended Ragdale Family."
--Arthur Miller, Lake Forest College, 1990, in the Introduction to Ragdale: A History and Guide by Alice Hayes and Susan Moon

Explore the Timeline to learn about Ragdale's rich and artistic history from its creation as a family summer retreat to the thriving artists' community it is today.

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