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May 15, 2014 for all 2015 residencies.

Before You Apply

Before applying, learn the details about Ragdale's residency program. Please keep the following in mind:

  • The basic residency period is 18 to 25 days. They begin on a Monday and end on Friday. Length of stay will be determined upon acceptance.
  • Submissions are evaluated by a rotating panel of professional peers from each discipline. The panel consists of alumni and individuals who work in the specific discipline and are familiar with the Ragdale residency experience.
  • Applicants are evaluated on the following criteria: 1) Evidence of creative, inventive and exciting new work as presented in the work sample and artist statement, 2) Evidence of quality, technical proficiency with craft, and professional presentation within the work sample, 3) Evidence within the resumé and statement that reflects a continued, serious, and exceptional aesthetic investigation in the chosen medium, and 4) a work plan that demonstrates the artist will maximize the benefits of a residency at Ragdale.
  • The $40 application fee is nonrefundable. You may pay with check or via PayPal.
  • Late applications cannot be accepted.
  • There is a residency fee of $35/day.
  • Limited financial aid is available. Financial aid applications are available upon acceptance.
  • Collaborators must apply individually unless all parties have previously been Ragdale residents.
  • Applications can be accepted for each of the three deadlines, but accepted applicants may come for only one residency per calendar year and not for consecutive sessions.

How to Apply

  1. As a member of the Alliance of Artists Communities, we are asking all applicants to fill out a brief survey. You can get to this survey by clicking here. This brief survey is completely anonymous and is for statistical analysis only. It will not be connected to your application in any way.
  2. Begin your application on SlideRoom by registering through the ONLINE APPLICATION.
  3. After registering on SlideRoom complete and submit the supplemental materials which include:
a. Application Form
b. Artist Statement and Work Plan (one page only, please). Please address concept and direction of work presented and describe what you plan to work on while at Ragdale. If you have had a previous Ragdale residency, address what has been achieved since then.
c. Résumé (one page only). Please summarize your professional arts/writing/compositional activities and achievements. This should include educational background, teaching, publications, exhibitions, awards, honors, and other related experience. Please note that the one page maximum is intended to give the panelists a summary of the most pertinent activity, not a complete list.
d. Two Letters of Recommendation. Names and contact information of the two references must be completed on the online application form and will be contacted automatically by SlideRoom once entered into the system. References will have until June 15 to submit letters through SlideRoom (30 days past the application deadline). Printed letters mailed (and postmarked by June 15) directly to Ragdale from the references will also be accepted.
Letters should address relationship to applicant, reflection on applicant's work and qualifications, and comments on applicant's ability to participate in a community as a self-motivated, professional artist in an open and unstructured program. Letters are kept on file for two years past the date of the letter. Letters from school transcripts will NOT be accepted.

e. Work Samples. See below for required work sample submissions for each discipline.

Writers (excluding poets)
Up to 20 pages in a Word document.
12 pt. font, double spaced (unless in play or screenplay format).
10 poems, up to 20 pages.
12 pt. font.
2 scores
2 recordings of the same scores
Visual Artists
Up to 7 images
Image list. Include title of piece, date, medium, and dimensions.
Interdisciplinary Artists
Up to 7 images and/or 5 minutes of video or sound files.

4. The application fee is $40.