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1976 - Ragdale Foundation

Shaw's granddaughter, poet Alice Judson Hayes (1922-2006), created the Ragdale Foundation, a nonprofit artists' community providing a peaceful place for artists to work. She ran it out of her childhood summer home and initially managed everything from admissions to cooking to mowing the lawn.

"I am grateful to my mother, Sylvia Shaw Judson, who gave me the house, to the ancestors, relatives, and ghosts with whom I communed when I came back to live there in 1976, to all the artists and writers who by their creativity have validated the idea of the Ragdale Foundation, and to the many people who have helped make the Foundation work. Finally, I am grateful to the house itself for its smell and taste and texture and for the views out of its windows and for its nurturing spirit."

-Alice Hayes, Preface to Ragdale: A History and Guide.

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